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K. K. Tool: A Legacy of Family, Hard Work, and Precision Machining

Updated: Apr 19

In the bustling town of Springfield, a small family-owned business has quietly thrived since its inception in 1972. K. K. Tool, founded by John and Rosemary Koehler, has become a beacon of success, rooted in a commitment to hard work, reinvestment, and the pursuit of excellence in the machining industry.

It all began with a pivotal decision when John and Rosemary purchased a Bridgeport machine, guided by insightful discussions with John's brother, Urbie. Little did they know that this investment would lay the foundation for a legacy that spans over five decades. Their seven children - Paula, Kevin, Keith, Kurt, Kyle, Kara, and Kris - have played integral roles in the company, carrying forward the vision of their parents.

From the early days of purchasing their first building, K. K. Tool has consistently invested in its downtown presence and workforce. The company's commitment to the community is evident in its continuous efforts to contribute to the growth of downtown Springfield and provide employment opportunities. This dedication to both locality and workforce has been a driving force behind K. K. Tool's success.

The company's headquarters, a testament to its growth and prosperity, now spans an impressive 30,000 square feet. With over 22 skilled employees, K. K. Tool has evolved with the times, embracing the latest CNC automation technology to enhance efficiency and precision in their operations. This strategic utilization of cutting-edge technology positions them as leaders in the industry.

At the helm of K. K. Tool is Kevin Koehler, who is carrying on the family legacy as the current president. Under his leadership, the company continues to uphold the values instilled by its founders. Kevin's dedication to maintaining the familial essence of the business is reflected in every aspect of K. K. Tool's operations and has done so for the last 50+ years.

Still specializing in the creation of stamping dies, fixtures, gages, and general machining. K. K. Tool has grown into contract manufacturing and is a one-stop solution for all manufacturing needs: Assemblies, Kitting, Parts and Tooling production. The company offers expertise in crafting precision tools and excels in producing fabricated parts across various Bill of Materials (BOM) requirements. Their comprehensive services encompass a holistic solution to their manufacturing needs.

As K. K. Tool looks toward the future, the commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. The legacy that began in 1972 continues to thrive, leaving an indelible mark on the manufacturing industry. K. K. Tool is a shining example of a family-oriented business that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, ensuring its continued success for future generations.

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